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Thomas Paine stated "A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right."

Some accuse Georgiana of being too bold. The question is whether we have time to not be bold? America will self-destruct if its citizens do not shout the truth.

We need you to kick up some dust. Get moving in pioneering authentic rule of law and read the books below.

Seeds of Deception:Planting Destruction of America's Children

Georgiana stirred up many folks with this expose. Some labeled her hateful, racist, and even a homophobe.​


This book contains detailed information about a

"behind closed doors" deceptive education program, Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) begun by Peggy McIntosh at Wellesley College over 35 years ago and is the originator of the White Privilege and Wheel of Oppression hoax. It serves as example for other diversity and educational programs that have successfully planted the seeds for destruction of America. 

A great book to understand how Marxism and the compromise have succeeded in America.  Many people now accept as truth or morally okay such nonsense as America is a racist nation, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, abortion, global warming, the green movement, entitlements, Communism, Agenda 21, and Common Core Standards.

With 450 footnotes, Seeds of Deception clearly maps out the last 75 years and presents facts as to how America was "set up" and ready to accept enforced diversity programs that use over 20 tools to deceptively brainwash people against authentic rule of law.

Georgiana's research led her to begin a chapter of Eagle Forum in Sacramento for 15 years  at This organization is now  Eagle Ed USA at 


Review an absolutely wonderful book that I have to recommend every single one of you to purchase, and then read. -- Mind and Media Blogsite, February 12, 2005

Bought your book. It's been tough to put down. I'm on Chapter 19 (HomosexualManifesto). Spent weekend reading your work. -- Mike M. September 2004

It is an amazing work and very well written. Your documentation is excellent and style very good. -- Henry... MD November 2004

Thank you for your courage. Gave out 2 books. My staff is interested. Honored to help seed truth. Roger R. -- Roger R. DDS December 2004

You have done a fantastic job in uncovering the tactics and operations of the foes of the moral order. -- Jonathan W. January 2005--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Go To to purchase book from amazon. 

Diversity Addiction: The Cause and The Cure


Georgiana's second book educates people in the facts of redefined diversity, which insists that all things hold equal value. People are born equal, but ideas, values, morals, ethics, lifestyles, religions, and personally held beliefs are not equal. After all good, better, and best still exists.

If you do not adhere to all things hold equal value, then you are no longer treated as an equal. Instead you may be rebuked, harassed, bullied, ostracized, labeled, and perhaps lose your job, or be accused of a hate incident, or hate crime. You are eliminated from diversity status.

Diversity Addiction: The Cause and The Cure provides readers with a simple, clear, explanation of doctrines and methodologies used in creating diversity addicts, and diversity enforcement programs.   

Enforced diversity must be reformed if we want to save America. Judeo-Christians, European descendants, and traditional patriots (The Big Three) must insist on being accepted into diversity status, complete with their beliefs, in order for diversity to be true to its purpose.


Her book helped me put into words what I have been trying to tell my liberal relatives and friends since I became a Christian. I was so taken with her book that I bought two additional copies and passed them all on to friends and my pastor. I recommend that you do the same. This book is too good to put on the shelf.

Art D.

I finally finished your book on "Diversity Addiction". It was so good and informative, and scholarly written. Very impressive that you did so very much research.

Dorothy S.

It deserves to be read along with Anne Hendershott's "The Politics of Deviance", Tammy Bruce's "The Death of Right and Wrong", and Heather McDonald's "The Burden of Bad Ideas".


Go to to purchase

White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression: The Hoax of The Century

Georgiana's third book contains information pertinent to the controversy surrounding oppression theology.

White Privilege and the Wheel of Oppression is curriculum that is based on classification of all people into 2 groups: oppressed and oppressor.

 People are branded and taught to see the world through oppression glasses. It has caught on in most  university settings, high schools, grammar schools, and in government, churches, the work place and even homes. It has transformed America.

The curriculum teaches "systemic white privilege and victimization" that promotes entitlement thinking. The fictional oppressed ( poor, female, unhealthy, homosexual, person of color, and non Christian) must get rid of the fictional oppressor ( white race, heterosexuals, rich, able bodied, males, and Judeo-Christian) in order to succeed.


It truly is a hoax that is working at high speed to produce daily chaos. It is against federal, state, and civil rights laws. It has crossed from discrimination to persecution. Yet no one will speak out. Read the facts about this evil education that is dividing our nation and is a no win for all people.


So right on with the times. Georgiana gives facts as to why people are brainwashed and buy into being victims by seeking entitlements. Plus the people have to pay for this crazy education. Thanks for the great read.

Mark H.

Everyone needs to read this amazing book. Perfect for Tea Party members to read. Well written too.

Camille M.

Finally answers for all the class warfare stuff and the lies about racism.

Judith S.

Go to to purchase or any on line bookstore.

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