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STOP the Compromise

in Ten Easy Steps:

A Return to

Authentic Rule of Law


The pounding of horses’ hoofs is seldom heard. Cowboys have faded and the pioneering days are gone in America. History is being canceled out by the Marxist movement. However, the spirit lives on, suspended in time, waiting for its moment to shine again. Many believe the time is here. We’re losing our freedom. The woes are real as we see all we believe and work for diminish.

Don't be a victim! At last, a simple STOP guide for everyone concerned for the future of America. It’s time to enjoy the process of taking back our nation. Learn about authentic rule of law and how to respond daily to those who try to engage you in feel-good rhetoric to rob you of your beliefs. Protect everyone’s liberty and don’t compromise.


Bring that pioneer spirit out of hiding. We can move across the frontier again and restore our  freedom of thought and voice through the truth. Whatever your reasons, your background, or your level of knowledge, this book will give you what you need to defend this great nation through the STOP Movement. Let’s begin the pioneering adventure. 




A Great Gift Any Time Of The Year. Plus At A Super Price


Thank you so much for sharing your latest book. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about your STOP movement. Your articulate explanation, depth of feelings and insightful analysis are very impressive. In particular, your discussion on natural law was quite compelling and has led to lively conversations with my friends!!

I applaud the time and effort that you have invested in the STOP movement and in writing this powerful book,

Marilynne B.

I've been using the STOP movement on a daily basis. It works. Why no one else thought about it is crazy! Every one can contribute this way

Ben A.

My husband used the Stop Movement with me. He shocked me. Never does this to me. One day he put out his hand and told me to "Stop." I was doing something that irritated him. It worked and we did not have an argument. The word works. I use it mentally when talking with other people about political and social things. I love the book. Thank you Georgiana.

Marlene A.

Couldn't put it down. I went through this book so fast. It had great information in it. Too bad more people could not read it too.

Lorraine M.

I use "Stop" with my grown children. They upset me sometimes and will get on my case about something and I tell them to "STOP." It made us all have a nice day together and we did not have to fight.

Grimaneza M.

Want to get it started in our church. Not sure if the pastor will accept it because our church is going liberal lately. I may stop going there anymore. Anyway thanks for the book and I will try to get it out there for others to read.

Tim M.

Good Book.

Mike M.

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