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Georgiana Preskar is the Director of Eagle Ed USA (former Eagle Forum of Sacramento), and served on the Sacramento Republican Central Committee, and was the Director of Diversity Education for Eagle Forum of California for eight years.

Her traditional Chicago suburban upbringing with dad, mom, and brother gave her knowledge of America's heritage and appreciation for its Judeo-Christian foundation. At five years of age her dad built a new home on open land and she developed a pioneering spirit that led her to cherish horses and guns.


Later in life as a mother, homemaker, registered nurse, sociologist, substitute schoolteacher, real estate agent, religion education instructor, and prayer coordinator, she observed through the years a noticeable change in the American Way due to enforced diversity programs.


Through radio talk shows, speaking engagements, educational seminars, in-home discussions, workshops and her writings, she rides the range again educating those in doubt as to their right to be accepted into diversity status complete with their beliefs. She promotes the belief that men are born equal, but ideas, values, morals, ethics, lifestyles, religions, or closely held personal beliefs are not equal.

With eleven grandchildren under age ten, Georgiana encourages protection of children for survival of America. In 2010 Georgiana became an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Pistol, Refuse To Be A Victim, and Eddie Eagle gun safety classes for children. With her husband Michael of 47 years, she continues to battle for the last frontier of freedom, the USA.

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